Wil Gonzalez(non-registered)
Nice photos! Would like to see mine!
Richard (Mick) & Joyce Sarge(non-registered)
Your collection of photos are incredible. I never get tired looking at your visual technique
for details in the photo.
Linda Reid Falcone(non-registered)
Wow! You found your true calling! I always loved the photos you took of me. These are amazing. You are amazing!
Best of everything to you.
Michael Rosner(non-registered)
Amazing collection of work! I look foward to expanding the boundaries of your work even further!
Christie Gabriel(non-registered)
It's been such a pleasure to watch your photography evolve over the years John. You've become so very good at this whole thing. Don't forget us little people now :)
Karan Verleur/JAN RAE(non-registered)
Thanks so much for giving me your web site. Truly a delight to just relax with your talent. As you know
I am a very visual person. Anyone who seeks inspiration should start with your photos. Keep it up for OUR pleasure.
I had a chance to go through all the photos slowly- such incredible works of art. Would love to know the story behind each beautiful picture.
Fiona Gatty(non-registered)
Hi John
Joel just dropped me some Easter greetings and mentioned that you had recently lost your mother. Please accept my condolences. It must be devasting to lose someone who was so dedicated to the care of her family, and she sounds like a remarkable woman.
And these photographs - I had no idea - they are lovely!
Kind regards
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